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Do you struggle to reach that ideal vision you have for your life and to embody that deep sense of purpose you have in your work? 
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Clear your blocks..

Grow to the next level..

Thrive in all areas of life 


with Kate Tolson (BA Hons C.Hyp RTT)  

Coach, Mentor and RTT Hypnotherapist


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Mental Blocks

Self-doubt, procrastination, perfectionism, self-sabotage, motivations, focus issues, playing small, visibility issues.

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Emotional Blocks

Not good enough, low mood, anger, frustration, inability to connect with others, fear of uncertainty, loss of purpose

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Business Blocks

Creator's block, imposter syndrome, visibility fears, underpricing, growth limits, marketing fears, comparison

Clear to Grow Your Business™

Online Program with live-coaching - Next cohort late 2021


Clear to Grow Your Business™ is an integrated program to guide you through the unique energy (mind, emotion, chakra) blocks that empaths, soul-led business owners and conscious change-makers get squeezed and held-back by.   

This program blends energy work, (working through your chakras), with 'whole mind' work (subconscious, conscious and higher) alongside practical steps to empower you to the next level in your business. 

All supported with intuitive coaching and channelled guidance.


Now is the time to launch that idea that won't leave you alone, to get that work which helps others out into the World.  Now is the time that empaths and sensitives have been made for.

Let me guide you through conscious, subconscious and energetic mindset tools to overcome every common launch block that creatives face in strongly rooting your embodied creation into the World.

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Hi I'm Kate.

I'm an Energy Coach, Mindset Mentor and RTT Hypnotherapist and I can help you quickly identify and eliminate your subconscious blocks and triggers which are holding you back from where you want to be in your life.

Working with your subconscious mind through world-class hypnosis techniques like Rapid Transformational Therapy™ will enable you to eradicate outdated and redundant emotions, thoughts and beliefs.  This will sky-rocket your personal, spiritual and business growth, and powerfully shift your mindset. 

Helping you to power forward in your life, to raise your energetic 'vibration' and shift your 'point of attraction'.

Ultimately to enable you to step into and embody your fullest potential.

Let me help you CLEAR the way, 

Remove that which blocks your GROWTH,

So you can THRIVE.


You are in the RIGHT PLACE, at the RIGHT TIME, let's GO.

Hi I'm Kate.

I'm an Energy Intuitive and Rapid Transformational Therapist / Hypnotherapist.  

It's a real joy for me to help my clients quickly identify and eliminate the blocks and triggers which hold them back from where they could be in life.

What I do is very powerful, I work with your subconscious, your conscious mind and the super-conscious mind.   So if you have tried every mindset practice out there/ read every self-help book - what I do really helps you to eradicate outdated and redundant emotions, thoughts and beliefs - because I intuitively connect to you - the real you, the most expanded version of you waiting beneath the programming.

This unique focus on you - rather than using cookie-cutter mindset models - really sky-rockets your personal and business growth, and powerfully shifts your whole energy

I help you to power forward in your life, to raise your energetic 'point of attraction'.

Ultimately enabling you to step into and embody your highest potential. 

More about Kate

Kate Tolson is an Energy Coach, Mindset Mentor and RTT Hypnotherapist.  

She founded the Energy Gardener™ on the principles of Mindset and Energy Alignment, powerfully combining her Psychology-based educational background with her Energy Mastery skills to bring a brand new and unique approach to manifesting a great life.  

Kate has a practical and grounded approach to harnessing the 'Law of Attraction' to attract wanted experiences in life, rather than the unwanted, using hypnosis, mindset coaching and energy practices.

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Online 1 to 1 Packages

Combined RTT Hypnotherapy and Coaching Packages

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Self-Led Programs

Self-led and mentored mini-programs and courses

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I can rapidly help you:

  • Gain clarity on what you really want in your life and work,

  • Transform your emotions to become more positive and balanced.

  • Move stuck energy purposefully towards that lifestyle you've always wanted deep down.

  • Feel like you are moving forwards independently, authentically and with a sense of freedom.

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"I am such an entrepreneur at heart, but something was blocking my moving forward with my own business.  The physical release in the session was so incredible in finally eradicating these limiting beliefs.  I have recently launched 2 thriving businesses and am loving being an entrepreneur. Thank you for the freedom and joy you have enabled in my life.  I shall be forever grateful to you."

Lauren, South Africa

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"Despite having grappled with this issue for a long time I had no idea what was behind it.  I felt like Kate guided me directly to the insights (conflicting beliefs about needing to be perfect and yet not ‘shining too bright’) that released the problem for good."

T. Saunders, London

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You are about to make a big powerful shift in your life.  

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