The Energy Gardener story

What can the Energy Gardener® approach do for you?

The Energy Gardener® approach is a unique set of programs to really help you to break-through in your life and work.  Unlike traditional therapies we work with your whole mind at every level.

We work with your Subconscious and Unconscious mind via RTT hypnotherapy, then we follow-up by working on the Conscious (thinking) mind as well as the Higher mind.  

This really is a powerful approach that really 'packs-a-punch' to get you moving forward fast, by combining very personal to you Intuitive coaching and RTT Therapy (advanced hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP, psychotherapy), integrated Law of Attraction principals and personal and spiritual growth tools.  

Your journey of self-growth can be explained to you in a grounded, straight-forward format by using the analogy of gardening:

1. Your subconscious (emotions, thoughts and beliefs) being the energetic drivers like the soil and all that happens underneath and out of sight.

2. The conscious outcomes in your life being everything visible above ground.. . what you have, what you attract and what you do (for example your behaviour, health, habits, relationships etc).

Because we all understand the basics of how a garden works, right? 

Using this analogy throughout the programs really helps you remember what you need to remember in a straight-forward way.  Here's what some of my clients have said:

🌱 "I love the whole garden boundary analogy & found myself using it with my daughter when talking to her about bullying she understood it too 😊"

🌱 "(Kate's) explanation was exceptional and very easy to understand/ follow.
I have taken so much from what I learned and found it helped me understand my own journey to date.  It helped me adjust the way in which I think or say about life and I feel so much more positive and up-lifted. I can already see positive manifestations happening."

When we simplify and use an analogy that everyone can understand - that's really powerful - because it means that you can take it with you and use it again and again.


“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

Albert Einstein

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So just like in a garden....


🌱  A healthy life needs regular tending, and a review of what is thriving, what is taking over and what areas need a bit of extra attention.

🌱  We identify what we want to grow more of and what needs to go.

🌱  We pull out weeds (unwanted things from our PAST that are still growing and taking up space in our life).

🌱  We remove everything that is suffocating and blocking different areas of our life.


🌱  We feed and water the good things we already have growing in the PRESENT moment, to keep them. 

🌱  We use our strengths, gifts and life lessons to really fertilise where we want to thrive in our lives.

🌱  We need boundaries around us (to protect us from pests that would love to come and munch on the good stuff we are growing).


🌱  We plant new seeds of the things we want in our FUTURE life.

🌱  Ensuring we have balance and variety, which really is the key to a beautiful life in all seasons. 

🌷  We grow more beauty in our lives - not just the practical stuff.  We want to enjoy life, not just live it.

🌷  To take it to the next level, that's where we move towards a purposeful live where we can share and exchange the abundance of what we have grown with others. 


There is a deeper analogy to all of this too.  Women were the gatherers of old, men would hunt - the women would gather.  This history in our very DNA is important because it still has echos in the way we show up in our work today. 

Gatherers would spent time identifying opportunities assessing what was ripe for the picking - community and cooperation with other women was important.  Their work was the staple diet of the community, they worked long hard hours without the glory of the triumphant return with the kill of the hunt. 

Gatherers didn’t work for short-term ‘kills’ they made sure everyone got fed, they multi-tasked, had a high work rate and had a constant eye on future growth.

As women evolve they stop time-intensive gathering and they become gardeners. 

Gardening needs lots of cultivation and patience at first— but once the ground is clear, and the right seeds are nurtured - the harvest comes to you.

Great gardening takes time and effort, but once you’ve cracked the process - identifying weeds early and pulling them out, fertilising what needs extra help, you can have an endless bountiful harvest to more than meet your needs, to create a surplus to help feed others too.

Find out how RTT® is the perfect Energy Gardener® tool.

About RTT™
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"Despite having grappled with this issue for a long time I had no idea what was behind it.  I felt like Kate guided me directly to the insights (conflicting beliefs about needing to be perfect and yet not ‘shining too bright’) that released the problem for good."

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"Something was blocking my ability in moving forward with my own business. In our session, not only did you get to the root causes from this lifetime, but the underlying root cause from a previous lifetime. The physical release in the session was so incredible in finally eradicating these limiting beliefs"

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"I had an issue that despite deep searching and self work, I had been unable to fathom. Kate, calmly and concisely aided me to locate the root cause. The RTT method bought me great ease and allowed me a breakthrough!"

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