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In my experience all energetic blocks and triggers that hold us back fall into three distinct areas...

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1. Deep Rooted Issues

A long standing subconscious issue that has manifested as something physical in the body or behavioural and patterned.

This could be illness, relationship conflicts, addiction, destructive habits, compulsions..

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2. Resistance Issues

You try to move forward but it feels like taking 3 steps forward 4 steps back.  An invisible block or fear that pings you back into comfort zones, and what is familiar.

This could be procrastination, perfectionism, confidence, freeze-response, self-sabotage, upper-limiting, overwhelm, frustration...

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3. Negative Perspective

In the grand scheme of things you have a good life but there's always a gap between what you think you should be feeling and what you actually feel.  

This could be not feeling enough, old patterned responses, old emotions and events looping, negativity, distrust of others, expecting all to go wrong...

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"Immediate breakthroughs. Immediate insights. Immediate results..My session with Kate was life-changing and I will always be grateful to her. She is extremely good at teasing out the critical issues and helping you reframe them so you can move on."

Christina Soong


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I really felt as though Kate knew exactly where I was coming from and understood me in a way no-one has ever before.  Kate's knowledge regarding the things I needed to understand is excellent and she explains everything so clearly. Kate has a good heart and really does care about helping others, I felt comfortable sharing my life with her immediately..."

Emily Barnes

United Kingdom

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"My RTT session with Kate was life changing. Loved how Kate handled the entire thing - professional, gentle and kind. I felt I was in the safest of hands and cannot thank her enough for the positive effects it (SHE) has had on my life..."

Hannah Webster

United Kingdom

For a great explanation of what I do and how I can help you - listen in to this podcast episode I recorded with client and Wellness Podcaster Ella of 'On Air with Ella'

Ella shares her own experience of an RTT session with me, and how it has been one of the most powerful therapies to 'move the needle' for her.

I then give a detailed description of how I work with your subconscious to help you solve your problem...

How do the Online 1-to-1 sessions work?

First of all hypnosis online works really well, better than in-person, as you can really relax and let go in the comfort of your own home.


1. First step - Set up a Complimentary Discovery Call with me

This is a 30 minute face-to-face chat with me (via Zoom) for me to find out more about your problem and outline how I can help you.  This is a good opportunity for you to get a feel for if we are a good fit, and to ask me any questions.

Book your discovery call here.


2. Book your chosen package 

After this initial call I will invite you to book an appropriate package for your presenting issue.  This might be a combination of the following:

  • Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy (accessing the unconscious and subconscious mind to examine current neural pathways of the problem, interrupting them and rewiring a new pathway).
  • Perspective Coaching as a follow-up to your RTT session or a three/six month retainer to support you through 90-180 days of neurogenesis.
  • Transcendental dialogue™️ to access a widest perspective on your personal journey, and to open to a higher potential of purpose. 

We will discuss the best package for you in the Discovery Call.  Once you have booked you will go to a log-in screen here on the website where you can book all of your sessions directly into my diary at your convenience, in your time-zone.


  • RTT® Session

Your 1-to-1 Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy session, we will deep-dive into your issue, find the root and triggers of it, reframe and eliminate it and plant the seeds of what is wanted instead.  You then receive your bespoke hypnosis-based transformation recording to listen to at home.

Find out more about RTT® here 


  • Evolved Perspective Coaching Session

Your 1-to-1 Coaching session picks up on the key themes and issues discovered in your RTT™ session.  We then ensure that your transformed perspective on your life is secured, to ensure permanent change and the possibilities of new experiences in your life.

Read some past Case Studies here 


  •  Transcendental Dialogue Session

Access and dialogue directly with your Higher Mind to glean an even wider perspective on the growth potential behind your original presenting problem, as well as higher wisdom to put you firmly on your forward path.

Find out about a Transcendental Dialogue™ Session 

All online sessions available Worldwide via secure video call. 



Meeting you where you are now

and taking you forwards


"These programs are a Game-Changer compared to traditional therapies and ordinary coaching.

They target and transform your specific problem in your whole-mind to get rapid and lasting results."

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