How my own journey led me to the path of helping others


Hi I'm Kate Tolson.  

I'm an Intuitive Guide, Energy Coach and RTT Therapist. 

I help sensitives and empaths like you to heal wounds from the past that are holding you back, shifting what makes you feel less-than the shining light you are.  I want you to feel whole, and expanded energetically so that you can reconnect with your inner light to grow a meaningful life and carry out purposeful work.  

I work with empaths and sensitives because I know deep in my heart, that you are all the keys to positive change in this world.  If I can help get a few of you back in your power and back on path - that's the biggest impact I can have for the future of this world.


My work.

My work is energy-led and intuition-driven first, yet still framed by my psychology education background.

My ‘zone of genius’ is getting you 'unstuck' through:

  1. Pin-pointing what stuck energy is causing your presenting problem,
  2. Taking you back to the root-cause to understand how and when your problem started,
  3. Guiding you to the why, to find understanding in the purpose of the energetic block
  4. Helping you to shift and get moving in a positive direction.
  5. Introducing you to energy tools to keep you moving the way you want to.
  6. Connecting you to your own higher wisdom to understand the lessons the block was teaching you.

Knowing what, how, why and when is key to your understanding of the problem you are facing.  Once you know all of this, along with garnering the lessons along the way - you can turn any problem around to become a gift of growth.

My distinctive traits when you work with me are:

  • Highly compassionate and entirely non-judgemental.  You are safe to open up with me. 
  • Clair skills - I often get messages, images and visualisations when working with clients which can help unlock suppressed energy - it can help get you to breakthroughs quickly.
  • I have the ability to go very deep, very quickly with you.  To get right to the root of a problem.  You need to feel ready to go in deep when you work with me - we get straight to the bottom of it.
  • I see you in your highest potential at all times, my chief desire is to help you to see yourself there too.
  • My approach has developed from my own experience with trauma. I have unlearned various adaptive behaviours from my history of trauma, including post traumatic stress from years of childhood narcissistic abuse. 

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Key problems I work with for empaths and sensitives


  • Deep-rooted issues - long standing subconscious issues that have manifested as something physical or behavioural.
  • Resistance Energy  - those invisible blocks or a fear-based energy pinging you back into comfort zones.
  • Programmed Perspective - always finding there’s a gap between what you want and where you are.  


2020 saw me move fully online and I have already developed an international client base.  I have regular client bases in North America, Australia, Asia and South Africa. 

My booking system is automated for you to book straight into my diary, however, I am usually able to open up different time-slots for different timezones - so do let me know if the available slots don’t work in your timezone. 

How you can work with me at the moment

Currently, you can work with me in the following ways:

  • Rapid Transformational Therapy® & Intuitive Coaching - All of my subconscious-mind sessions are followed-up with conscious-mind coaching sessions for best results.
  • Intuitive Energy Coaching - to access an intuitive perspective on a problem to help you reframe and refocus for a different outcome. 
  • Whole Mind Mastery™ - encompassing unconscious-, subconscious-, conscious- and higher-mind perspectives over three linked sessions - RTT, Higher-Mind Integration and Energy Coaching to get the whole picture on your issue to alchemise it from a 'problem to a gift'.
  • Clear to Grow® Group programs - tremendous value that you can access again and again for ongoing growth.  Using the transformational principles of the Whole Self approach with the benefit of group support and live coaching.


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"A positive, proactive highly intelligent woman who works with compassion and dedication with her clients. If I am able to recommend an individual to guide, facilitate and care for their patients well being and success it would be Kate everytime!"

R. Bethley

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"Kate was so kind, gentle, focused and alert during my session. I felt she understood my problem, and lead me to new insights. 

Kate reflected back my own words to me in detail which was surprising and very beneficial. I really enjoyed the session and her generosity of spirit"

I. Ivory

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"Kate is a phenomenal therapist and really takes the time to understand your needs and ensure that you get the best RTT session possible. She is professional, understanding and extremely good at helping you get to the root cause of your issues."

T. Jacoby

My personal path - Then


As a kid, for me, the world felt very strange and difficult to understand.  I just could not comprehend why people treated each other the way they did.   Conflicts seemed ever-present in my life, and felt so pointless and destructive.  I felt incredibly overwhelmed by life - I would easily get very upset by things but I would swallow it all down and hide it.  Putting up a blank exterior whilst crumbling inside.  

To me, all people seemed always to be one thing, but also something entirely different at the same time.

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It took me many years to get the ‘lightbulb-moment’, the understanding that I am both a Highly Sensitive Person and an Empath.

In learning about how highly sensitive people have a very different and more multi-dimensional experience of the World, so much of my life began to make sense, in retrospect, through this lens of understanding about the extra-sensory life of empaths.  Through realising that I was constantly simultaneously witnessing entirely different truths - between a person’s outwards-behaviour and a person’s inner-being.  Beginning to understand that not everyone experienced life this way started to connect the dots for me. 

Of course it's not only the experiencing of others' emotions and difficulties as if they were our own, that us empaths do.  We also absorb and carry the energy of others' emotions within us - sometimes for years, which we are unable to process ourselves.  So we experience anxiety and overwhelm until we learn to make that separation.

We're hard-wired to connect to each other through similarities we share, so feeling so different inside, felt like a lonely place to be, but I began to see what a gift it was, once I began to understand it.

This huge confusion within me led me (like many empaths and sensitives) to have to really disconnect from the world - to dissociate, to isolate, to shut-out and to numb to help me be in physical presence with others whilst not being fully ‘in the body’.  All methods of 'filtering' that overwhelming high-information-input.  Because absorbing all of that energy as if it was my own - just led to emotional pain, stress, anxiety and depression.

I spent most of my childhood and adult life playing a different ‘role’ for everyone in my life.  I would mirror the personality of whomever I was with at the time (empaths have super-active mirror neurons).

Not only did I not feel I could be myself with anyone - I didn’t actually know who I was.   I was:

  • Basing my whole sense-of-self on the others around me.  I was happy if they were happy.  I was the caretaker if they were not happy. 
  • Striving for career success in areas I had no passion for, because in focussing on what would make others happy I had totally lost connection with my own needs and desires. 
  • Trying to be a perfect parent and accepting partner to overcompensate so my children wouldn't grow up feeling 'lost' like I did. 
  • Maintaining superficial friendships, unable to connect because I wasn’t ever being myself.  Believing that I would probably be rejected if I was myself anyway.
  • Maintaining toxic relationships that were deeply damaging to me, that kept me playing the role of caretaker, pleaser, fixer.
  • Struggling with ongoing health challenges, chronic pain and fatigue.


"Everything changed, as for many people, when I hit a crisis point, when I realised that everything I was clinging on to so hard, wasn’t even real.

And so I let go."




I just decided to drop every single 'rock' I had been carrying.

I had a ‘Liz Gilbert on the bathroom floor’ moment - for the first time in my life I just let absolutely everything drop, and surrendered to finding a better way. 

That better way was the long journey back to myself. 

  • Healing my body through releasing trauma, stopping carrying others' emotional baggage, and learning how to boundary my physical sensitivity.
  • Starting to understand these differences within me and embrace them as 'gifts with a purpose', rather than burdens to dial down.
  • Learning how to boundary my energy around narcissistic types who magnetise to and exploit empaths.  Unconscious connections which caused so much chaos and destruction for years.
  • Guiding me to rediscovering and then meeting my own desires and needs first, which moved me from feeling powerless and reactive to life - to feeling empowered and in the driving seat of life.

As I started to understand my suppressed self, the world outside and around me changed beyond recognition. 

I now had a transformative understanding about empaths and sensitives - through which my path of helping others started to unfold...

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and more importantly how we can get you back on track.

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Once I surrendered - I started to become guided.  That guidance led me to powerful teachers, mentors, healing modalities - which all uncovered my true-self, I found my calling in that journey. 

It felt the most vital understanding there could be and that my own journey was intended this way - so I could help others find their own way back to themselves. (The healers' path)

Embracing my sensitivity and my empath traits as powerful gifts blew my intuitive and psychic gifts wide open. 

I started out as a fibromyalgia-recovery coach and moved into mindset-coaching - hosting Life Transform retreats with shamanic teachers, arrow-breaking, glass-walking and firewalking. 

Soon I was leaning less on my psychology and behavioural psychology background, leaning less upon my almost two decades as an entrepreneur, and was able to work in a more innate way. 

I found myself increasingly able to step into the empath skills in my work -  energetically linking-in / momentarily-merging with my clients in sessions.   

I was able to deeply understand where they were stuck and to guide them to see the truth that would free them. 


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It was a big leap for me to trust that i could make that move from the ‘safety’ of the trained tools of mindset and psychology coaching to the intuitive tools of energy coaching and deeply client-connected guidance - but the results spoke for themselves. (So much of an empath's journey is around feeling safe to own your gifts)

Clients felt deeply seen and moved, not just understood. 

Huge shifts started happening in just single sessions. 

Clients were coming back again to work through anything and everything they were ready to release.  I started to see profound changes in these people.

Deep-rooted traumas that had been worked on for years with conventional methods were being pulled ‘deep out of the ground’ in minutes.  Humbling me into admitting that I had to bravely change how I worked - to steer the work intuitively and to leave the textbook-approaches behind.

Whether I found the calling or it found me - who knows - either way nothing had ever made more sense to me - or it seemed to my clients.

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