Is the Deep Roots Program for you?

The Deep Roots Program is for you if you have a problem that's limiting you in your life at the moment.  

A problem that you have already tried to work with on a conscious level.  

You've made a firm decision about it, analysed your behaviour and tried to change it. You may have already explored other avenues in trying to solve this problem, but to no avail.  

You've realised that this issue cannot be dealt with on the surface as it has deeper roots.

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"Since my session I have found it easy to make the necessary changes in my eating. For example, portion control. I find I feel blocked from overeating and that the old joy of that has dissipated. You were so kind, gentle, focused and alert during the session. I felt you understood my problem, and lead me to new insights."

Isabella, Ireland

Common problem areas

Here are some of the most common areas that the Deep Roots program can address for you - if your particular issue isn't detailed here - get in touch.

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Better Relationships

Healing conflicts, toxic-patterns, family issues, sabotage, attracting abusers, sexual blocks..

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Return to Health

We aren't designed to Mentally, Emotionally and Physically overload - release what is driving your overload.

Bad habits

Better Habits

Eating, Alcohol, Drugs, Exercise, Routine, Spending, Nail-biting, Hair-pulling, Smoking, Sleeping and more..

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Trauma Freedom

When trauma isn't processed it stays stuck deep within, this can be accessed and processed in hypnosis.

You are enough

Feeling Enough

Release hurtful feelings about yourself, build self esteem, feel more positive about your life

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Fears and Phobias

All fears are rooted in the subconscious and can be readily transformed in hypnosis..

"I am now completely in control of my urge for drinking alcohol, I am now able to be a non-drinker in a room of drinkers and it does not bother me.

I could not have done this previously... and on a recent occasion when I had a glass of wine I did not finish the whole glass because I just didn't need it anymore."

Stephanie Lister


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"I had been struggling with irregular cycles, hormone imbalance and infertility for many years. Just 2 months since the session, I have had my first normal cycle in 3 years and my blood tests are normal.
I am amazed at the difference I am experiencing after trying so many other things over the last 3 years. Thank you!"

Taryn Jacoby