Is the Bloom Program for you? 

The Bloom Program is for you if you have a good life but there's always a gap between what you want it to be and what is actually is.  You find you are never feeling happy and satisfied, and it doesn't take much to drop you into low mood.

Your subconscious mind forms your perspective on your whole life. If your perspective is wired to believe hard-wired beliefs like 'I am not good enough', 'I don't deserve happiness' or your self-concept doesn't allow you to self-love, self-trust or value yourself, then you will always feel like you are waiting for the seemingly inevitable.


This is often an emotional programming issue,  you have subconscious programming that bounces you back to a particular emotional setting just like a thermostat

You can reset your emotional thermostat by releasing limiting beliefs about yourself and what is available to you in life.

Let's get you blooming 🌷.

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"I feel so calm and just like everything has been sorted. I'm sleeping better which is a godsend, but I'm just so, so fixed!!! I have been taking more time for me, lots of self-care and I so needed it, but I now realise that it is ok to do that.  

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I finally feel alive again ."

Zoe Wynn, UK

Common perspective issues

Here are some of the most common ways that perspective issues show up - which the Bloom program can address for you - if your particular issue isn't detailed here - get in touch.

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Patterns repeating

The subconscious is hard-wired to attract familiar people and situations - it always prefers the known.

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Negative thinking

Negativity can be a habit.  It can also be inherited if we were exposed to certain negative outlooks as a child.

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Sometimes we get stuck in loops of old thought patterns, almost like a habit. We can rewire that loop.

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I'm not xxx enough

You have an old limiting belief in place which has programmed you to believe - you are not deserving.

You are enough

Something's wrong

You are driven to unconsciously sabotage your life as you believe something is wrong with you.

Bad habits

Not available to me

Old childhood programming, some time in your past you came to the conclusion that what you want can't be yours..

"I would recommend RTT as this is a therapy which can quickly go to the root of a problem and help you to bring up the memories that have caused the problem /issue.

I cannot stress enough.. it is truly a moment of awakening and even before you get to the transformational part of the session you are already feeling enlightened through changing of the meaning of things that have happened to you.."

Stephanie Lister


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"I came away from my session with Kate feeling so much more positive and in control of my future choices..

..the memories brought forward and the reasons why they are still influencing my thought processes and my actions was mind blowing. It brought out a lot of emotion.
I feel so much less anxious now."

Sue Comery