Higher Mind Conversation™


In my journey (like many others) into engaging deeply with my intuitive self, an important step on that journey was in opening up a connection and conversation with my Higher Mind, my Soul Mind, my Super-consciousness.  I would like to offer you this important connection by guiding you through your very own Higher Mind Conversation™.

Unlike a psychic reading experience, or relying on tools like tarot or oracle cards for answers (where you are given information through a narrow filter or through someone else), in a Higher Mind Conversation™ session you are guided to access your Higher Mind directly and to hear the answers for yourself, from yourself.

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A Higher Mind Conversation™ session can be booked in connection with RTT and Coaching to gain a whole mind transformation, where you can gain information from the subconscious, conscious and super-conscious mind to gain a full perspective of your programmed perspective, your thinking perspective and your widest possible perspective on any presenting issue.

Or your Higher Mind Conversation™ can be booked as a stand-alone session to gain a wider perspective on an issue that has blocked you or stopped you in your thinking mind.

A Higher Mind Conversation™ is not hypnosis-based like a journey into the subconscious mind through the lower frequency mind states of alpha, theta and delta; but rather is a guided higher meditative state to access higher states of gamma frequency.

It is a very gentle process that feels expansive and enlightening as you access the most loving and compassionate part of you and hear its viewpoint from a perspective much wider than your waking, thinking state or the precision laser-beam of an RTT session.

It can really help you pull together the fuller picture of what is going on for you, and the wider purpose of it all too.

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