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Gathering Power to Make Desired Changes in your Life

patterns and habits personal power purpose unconscious mind Jul 14, 2023

Following a very visceral re-gathering of power for a client, which we explored in a follow-up coaching session today, I felt it might be useful to explain this very powerful shift that takes place through careful exploration in Transformational Hypnotherapy.
I hopped back on Zoom to record this quick snippet for you, to try to explain as much as possible, (in a way that our rational conscious minds can understand) something that happens to us in integration and transformation, which is very much happening on the energetic and unconscious/ unknown level.

It is intangible, but I can assure you, it is a very real transfer of power and life force from our shadowy, historical and fearful parts - to the aware, present and purposeful parts of our psyche.

I've tried so many change modalities myself over the years and none manage to shift energy to a usable and conscious space as quickly as transformational hypnotherapy in my opinion - which is why it is the tool of choice for me.

Particularly the way I use RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy).
Because I am not just helping you get unstuck, I am finding the thread of your own existing personal power for you to latch back onto.
A latching on which we consciously do in the very important follow-up coaching.

I hope this video makes sense, it’s sometimes difficult to put into words what is happening on an unconscious, energetic level.
Drop me a message if you want to know more.