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Revealing Unconscious Truths to Release New Potential in your Life

father wound growth mother wound remothering shadow aspect unconscious mind unconscious self unconscious truth wholeness May 03, 2023

In my upcoming talk “Revealing unconscious truths to release new potential in your life” for the Remothering Masterclass 2023 we discuss the importance of bringing self-awareness to what is not known to you (unconscious).


What are Unconscious Truths?

Unconscious truths are elements of our reality and any given situation that we are unaware of.  They are very much part of the whole picture, of the whole narrative of our lives, and how certain experiences play out for us, how certain patterns reoccur in our lives again and again.  They are the missing link, the crucial missing key - and they are coming from us.  Other people can often see it, and they unconsciously interact and react to these truths, and this unconscious / unknowing interplay can lock us into hidden dynamics which we then can perceive as archetypal/ pathological behaviour.  We can see how the other person is ‘always…..’ but it is literally hidden from us how we are ‘always…’ until we allow for the possibility of observing it in action and allowing for the possibility that perhaps we are part of what is perpetuating the unchanging dynamic.


What is the 'Unconscious Self'?

Our 'unconscious self' holds beliefs, emotions, and experiences that are hidden from our conscious awareness but still very much affect our thoughts and behaviour.

Our 'unconscious self' is hidden deep within our minds, and can be difficult to access. However, via hypnotherapy, we can begin to reveal this part of us and gain insight into our true and whole selves.

Once we have a better understanding of our 'unconscious self', we can begin to make changes in our lives that will help us to reach our full potential. By exploring our 'unconscious self', we can gain clarity about our purpose and direction in life, as well as develop healthier relationships and habits.


The Power of Unconscious Truths

Unconscious truths can have a powerful influence on our lives and can be a source of both positive and negative experiences.  Often they are the beliefs and values that we have unknowingly absorbed from our families, culture, and society that shape our behaviour and attitudes, and they can have a profound impact on our lives and our subconscious strategies for success.

For example, some unconscious beliefs about family roles can lead to dissatisfaction and feeling like we aren’t enough and the development of a 'coping role'. On the other hand, unconscious beliefs about success can lead to wanted outcomes and reaching our goals.

We are often unaware of what drives our behaviours, it just feels natural and normal to us.  When this bumps up against what is unconscious (but feels natural and normal) to others there can be conflict and misunderstanding.

By recognising and challenging our unconscious beliefs, we can create new, healthier beliefs that can help us become happier.


The Benefits of Releasing Unconscious Truths

Curiosity around our unconscious self can help us to gain a greater understanding of ourselves and our relationships, and can lead to increased self-awareness and personal growth.

Releasing unconscious truths (what feels natural and normal to only us) can be beneficial in many ways.

It can help to bring clarity to confusing or frustrating situations, provide insight into our own behaviour and how that plays into the dynamic, and can help to heal emotional wounds. It can also help to create a sense of freedom from the past, allowing us to move forward with a greater sense of self-awareness and understanding.

Additionally, it can help to foster healthier relationships and provide a greater sense of peace and contentment in our lives going forward.


Exploring Unconscious Truths

1) Identifying Unconscious Truths

Unconscious truths can be identified by paying attention to our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and by reflecting on our past experiences.

It’s important to remember though that the unconscious self is mostly hidden from our conscious, thinking perspective (or else it would be a conscious truth and not an unconscious one), we have to be committed to finding a third-person observer perspective.

When you begin to have those moments of self-awareness and objective awareness it is a beautiful sign that you are on the edge of a growth opportunity.  In transformational hypnotherapy we dialogue directly with the unconscious mind, and with the ‘parts’ that it has created to run the unconscious thoughts, beliefs and behaviours. These insights can be a lightbulb-moment to gain new awareness of how we are sometimes unconsciously perpetuating our own problems due to a strategy for success that was appropriate when we were very young, but is not appropriate or successful in our lives today. You can shed light upon how you might be unknowingly interacting with the world around you.


This self-awareness is key to growth and change.  Once something is conscious rather than unconscious we now have thoughtful choice available as to whether we want to carry on with these thoughts, beliefs and behaviours or try something new.


2) Understanding Unconscious Truths

Through understanding our unconscious truths, we can open to greater empathy with ourselves by gaining insight into the motivations and reactions of a younger part of us which was seeking a strategy of safety, connection or self esteem.  By bringing compassionate understanding to ourselves we can begin to make desired changes in our lives.

Unconscious truths can be related to our past experiences, to our traumas, and to trying to find a role of significance in our family or culture of origin. By gaining a more integrated and whole perspective on ourselves within the context of our wider setting, we can let go of the sense of what is right or wrong, good or bad and begin to accept ‘what is’.

This is how we begin to find a sense of peace in our lives, and can begin to explore new territory with more our our personal power onboard.


3)Releasing Unconscious Truths

If we want to open up to new possibilities and new ways of being in relationship with others in our lives (especially those closest to us) we have to commit to understanding what we don’t yet know about ourselves and how we show up…how we are recreating the same old situations in our lives, and instead we can begin to create new possibilities for ourselves.

Doing this work in Transformational Hypnotherapy can help to bring awareness to the underlying issues that have been causing emotional pain and distress.



In my upcoming free talk at the Remothering Masterclass 2023 Simona and I discuss what it really takes to do this work and what the pay off is.  We take this discussion beyond these concepts above which we can understand on an intellectual, conscious basis, into what this actually looks like in action in our lives.  Because we we surely all want is to create new behaviours in relationships for new outcomes, to build self-trust and self-confidence and start to live with purpose.


The Remothering Masterclass 2023 begins this weekend.  It is free to register and watch this weekend.

My talk this year is titled “Releasing unconscious truths to release new potential in your life” and we cover:

- How the conscious mind healing journey is only getting us so far and can keep us stuck in a responsive loop.

- The missing piece of new possibility in your life.

- Updating the past to let it go.

- Revolutionary self-awareness.

Key moments in the talk:

“This again”, when themes resurface
Our body is holding our past
We learn and grow at the pace that is just right for us
Looking at the stories we tell ourselves
My “this again” moment on my own healing journey
Our unconscious mind
Closed heart, open heart, new possibilities
Listening to our hearts
When our story keeps us locked into more of the same
Accepting that it is a story (a true story in the past)
Holding onto our metaphorical receipts
Humans are story-making machines
How we can collapse our stories


You can register today at https://www.remothering.org/Masterclass2023, live free classes start on Saturday (6th May).  Replays are available.