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A powerful story of incredible growth and success: the parable of the Chinese Bamboo Tree

growth Mar 10, 2020

This is one of my favourite parables, and one of the biggest learnings that stuck with me on my own personal growth journey and I’d like to share it with you.  It’s an evocative lesson in faith, perseverance, patience, development, surrender and human potential.


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The Chinese Bamboo Tree

To grow a Chinese Bamboo Tree it requires real commitment.  

You need to plant that first seed, a seed which then like any other plant needs constant nurturing.


However - by the end of year one there are no visible signs of activity.

At the end of year two, again, no sign of any visible growth above the soil. 

Year three and four, still nothing. 


It’s surely enough to test the patience of any gardener, it becomes so easy to begin to really question yourself, to wonder if your efforts, if your care and nurture, will ever pay off, whether any of it has worked.


Then comes year five – and boom 💥.  


Not only do you start to see growth but you see explosive growth at a rate you couldn’t have been able to fathom before! 

In a six-week period, the Chinese bamboo tree grows to a staggering ninety feet tall – the tree has even been measured to grow 122 cm (48 inches) in just a 24 hour period.


An incredible feat of nature.  


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But is it true - does the Chinese Bamboo Tree really grow 90 feet in six weeks? 


Did the Chinese Bamboo Tree truly achieve nothing for the first four years and only grow exponentially in the fifth year? 


Or, did this amazing tree which has incredible growth and impact potential in its environment - need to start its growth slow and steady but hidden deep underground?  Need to develop a strong and stable root system in preparation to create a foundation and space for its incredible and unrivalled growth and impact in year five and far beyond? 




If the tree did not develop that strong unseen foundation, holding so much potential energy in reserve -  it could not have achieved such growth and sustained itself as it skyrocketed… 


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For me, this makes a fantastic parable because it is so applicable to us human beings.  It is the epitome of what it means to be an Energy Gardener™.  

🌱We clear the ground and we plant new seeds of intention.  

🌱We patiently nurture those potential dreams and goals. 

🌱We ensure that the ground above them stays clear of obstacles, removing weeds and rocks that might block the path of our future growth.  


When we are planting the seed of something big.  Of something which could make a tremendous impact and give an incredible pay-back - this takes time and constant commitment.  

We have to keep that soil clear, we have to keep watering and feeding and we need to keep faith and trust in ourselves and the process.  

We have to focus on building a strong internal foundation for ourselves, to strengthen our character to ready us for overcoming adversity and challenges in the future.


We all have seen the cautionary tales of those who achieved overnight growth success without the years of doing this preparatory foundation growth and resilience preparation upfront.  

Ultimately their growth could not be sustained and their foundations didn’t hold.  The tree topples.


Faith and trust in the process are vital.


Had the Chinese Bamboo Tree gardener doubted themselves, second-guessed the process and dug up that little seed every year to check if it was growing, they would have stunted the Chinese Bamboo tree’s growth potential.


Huge success is only achieved when we stay focused and committed.  We need to have faith and belief in what we are doing, to have the courage to keep going even when we don’t see the rewards for years. 


Growing something of huge impact is not for everyone.  In fact, it shouldn’t be for everyone.  We need variety in this world.  A garden is exactly that - variety and contrast.  If a garden was full of the same plant it would be boring, and each separate plant would not be noticed and appreciated by its own merit.  All variety big and small, practical and creative adds to the whole.


But if you have planted a seed of something which will make a tremendous impact, keep the faith.


🌱Keep the ground above that seed clear,  

🌱Keep watering, keep fertilising, keep going.  


The tree will break through eventually.


The tree you are growing might be a small business, it might be a creative project, it might be having a baby or the hard work of parenting.  It may even be changing your body, healing health challenges or deprogramming long-standing habits and addictions.  

Regardless, keep on going, keep faith in your dream, keep believing and trusting yourself.


Keep on gardening your potential, and when that solid foundation is in place, and the ground is clear above - your hard work will pay off.


Much love,

Kate x


Energy Gardener™ programs work deep underground in the subconscious mind, to help strengthen those internal foundations, to help you remove the blocks that stand in the way of your upwards growth, and fertilise those new seeds harnessing the power of neuroplasticity and neurogenesis.  

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