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10 rules of the Subconscious Mind and how to harness them for your benefit.

subconscious mind Jan 12, 2021
rules of the subconscious mind

“The ego is not master in its own house.”    Sigmund Freud

Understanding how the subconscious mind operates is crucial in order to harness its processes for your benefit - to 'wire' your subconscious mind to help steer you towards the wanted.

The subconscious mind is continuously paying full attention to our lives and it maintains a powerful force over our perception and experiences.

  • It runs and maintains over 95% of all bodily processes and your genetic expression.
  • Drives all of your behaviour and habits.
  • Drives all of your impulses and urges.
  • Will block you from anything against your existing programming.
  • It filters higher guidance and insights.


The Rules of the Subconscious and how to apply them for your benefit.


1) It is a servant - it follows instructions. 

Thoughts from the conscious mind and 'words heard' get imprinted into the programming of the subconscious mind and run like computer commands.  The subconscious cannot distinguish between outer-reality and what you are thinking - both are equally classed as reality to the subconscious mind. It is almost robotic, it has no sense of irony and takes everything completely literally.
The English language is full of negative-biased words which we use for emphasis.  Unfortunately, the subconscious mind doesn’t distinguish this inference and absorbs it all regardless.  “My work is killing me, it’s murder”.  It's all heard and absorbed by the subconscious mind, it will obediently send illness your way to get you out of that dreaded job.

The Turn-Around

You can put the spin on this rule of the subconscious mind by watching your language.  By ensuring you only use powerful, positive reinforcement when speaking about your life and work.  Once you know that your thoughts and words become computer commands - you will become very masterful over what you allow through your senses. 

Old patterns of thought and speech are just habits that need 'catching' and turning around.  Be aware of this negative-bias in language and seek to minimalise it where possible.

Your subconscious mind also responds best to very specific commands.  Think about it as if asking a robot to do a task for you.  It doesn’t know how to fill in the blanks you have to be very specific to get it to do the right job for you.

Example:  Instead of affirming to yourself “I want a successful business” rather say “a growing business with recurring revenue of at least £10000 a month”.


2) It does not process ‘negatives'.  

If you say "I will not go on social media today," the subconscious mind only hears "I will go on social media today.”

The Turn-Around

Ensure all of your self-affirmations, thoughts and words are stated in the positive.  Your subconscious mind is always paying attention to your own thoughts and words, they are all powerful instructions to the subconscious mind in terms of its response.  So make sure that you speak in a way in which it will respond positively.


3) It is programmed through spotting patterns (repetition), recognising authority and imprinting emotion.

The subconscious mind has evolved as a means to keep us safe in the ‘tribe’.  It excels in spotting patterns of repeat-events to try to keep us safe within ‘the known and predictable’.  It seeks to recognise and listen to authority, in order to keep safe within the tribe.  The first stage of 'wiring in a new command' is the emotional response.

The Turn-Around

Knowing these essential elements of the subconscious mind can be used to your advantage.  You can be deliberately strong and commanding with yourself though harnessing your passion, and by deliberately and purposefully celebrating joy and by holding a positive intention. 

Create patterned-programming by visualising your ideal-future often and affirming positively with powerful, positive language.  Speak to yourself with authority by replacing words like ‘Try’ with ‘Do’.  The subconscious mind doesn’t understand a word like ‘try’.  You need to issue it clear commands.


4) It runs on the Familiarity Principle.

The subconscious mind is unconsciously-attracted to the familiar, regardless of whether it is good/bad, true/false, beneficial/ detrimental - it is hard-wired to prefer and engage with ‘what is already known’. 

It is instinctual and habitual. Ever wondered why someone who grew up with a toxic parent, ends up in repetitive toxic relationships as an adult.  The subconscious mind is simply attracted to the known.  And the more we repeat familiar patterns, the more they are deepened and re-enforced, the more they become multi-layered habits that become harder to change.

The Turn-Around

Knowing that the subconscious mind runs on the Familiarity Principle means that you can use your conscious mind to deliberately create a ‘new familiar’.  Using pattern interrupts like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) can help to interrupt old unhelpful patterns of emotion, thought and belief.  Deliberately striving for new patterns of positive habits that are beneficial for us - will become the ‘new Familiar’ if we give the process time and commitment.


5) It is wired for pictures/ imagery. 

Symbols, metaphors, imagination, visual-anchors - these are all the language of the subconscious mind.  Many of us know our subconscious communicates with us through dreams, showing us symbols or reminding us of memories in the past which link to or have some significance to the present moment.  We now know the subconscious mind responds to the words it hears you say out loud, but with this wiring-for-imagery, it also responds to the pictures you make in your mind's-eye.

The Turn-Around

Imagination is more powerful to the subconscious mind than knowledge.  So as well as 'watching your words' it is so important that you 'watch your imagination' too. 

Imagining doomsday scenarios, failures and risks will program your subconscious mind to attract or even enact them.  Instead, visualise and imagine your 'ideal future' regularly.  Watch what symbols and visual-anchors you allow into your space; which book titles you have on your bookshelf, what pictures you have in your home.  Deliberately create positive and empowering relevant-to-your-life-and-goals visual anchors in your home and workspace to harness this re-wiring in your subconscious mind.  Harness your imagination to re-imagine pleasure and joyful experiences.


6) The personal is all-important. 

Firstly the subconscious mind pays special attention to the words that follow ‘I AM’.  These 'I AM' sentences are all-powerful to the subconscious mind so choose them wisely.  If you habitually use common phrases like ‘I’m so tired of this’, ‘I’m sick of that’ expect a response in your body (remember the subconscious mind also runs the body and follows commands).  Remember that the subconscious mind is literal, always-listening and takes everything personally.  It is the ultimate surveillance-camera which records and stores everything

The Turn-Around

Positive practices such as keeping a Gratitude Diary are perfect for harnessing the power of the positive ‘I AM’ statements.  Daily affirmations will beneficially reinforce your positive shifts in your life.


7) The 'Power of Now'. 

The subconscious mind only knows the present moment.  Although it has stored all of your life-experiences over time, it processes them all as if they were happening NOW.  This is why something that happens 'Now' can trigger old events in the past, and trigger the old emotional-response in the body, just as if it were happening right Now.  Because everything is NOW to the subconscious mind.

The Turn-Around

The subconscious mind responds strongly to the present-tense in re-enforcing beliefs, rather than the future tense.  So remember to keep your positive affirmations in the present tense, affirm in the Now, not in the future.  Also, know that the past affects you NOW in the subconscious mind so this offers you an opportunity to heal in the NOW.


8) It flows through the 'path of least resistance'. 

Energetically the subconscious mind flows through the internal systems of least-effort.  Well-established patterns and habits are usually the paths of least resistance.  They are tried-and-tested to work, as far as the subconscious mind is concerned, so it makes sense to it to keep doing things that way.  It doesn’t matter if those habits are beneficial to us, if it’s tried-and-tested, it is the go-to way of doing.

The Turn-Around

Knowing that the subconscious mind is always looking for the path of least-resistance you can harness the power of the Clear to Grow® method to clear the resistance in the areas you wish to grow - so the subconscious mind will energetically flow the way you want it to. 


9) It will repress yet still express. 

The subconscious mind is perfectly able to repress old memories along with all of the associated stored-emotions and thoughts,  yet still express and project these old reactions into your present-day experience now.  Old fears, shame, humiliations and anger can still come and show up in seemingly unrelated experiences today, this can be very confusing and frustrating for you.  Your subconscious mind has spotted a familiar old imprint or pattern and ‘projects' the 'old responses to old past events' onto the present-day moment.

The Turn-Around

This is your opportunity to spot old responses showing up in situations that don’t warrant those old responses.  The Clear to Grow® method is designed to help you uncover those repressed memories and to bring them to consciousness to be broken down and reframed and replaced with the positive.


10) Beliefs frame everything. 

Once a belief is programmed into your subconscious mind it will frame the way you see the whole world through the 'lens' of that belief.  We call this perspective.  Your perspective is literally a ‘lens’ coloured by every belief you have about you, your life, those around you and what is available to you in your life.   To change your life you have to see things differently, spot new opportunities, approach old problems in new ways. 

We do this by reframing our perspective.

The Turn-Around

The Clear to Grow® method is designed to do exactly this.  To reframe your perspective by finding the old limiting beliefs and changing them to new empowering beliefs.  When we do this your belief system changes, your perspective on life changes and your whole energy shifts.  New opportunities enter your life, there is space for new things to become available to you.  Everything changes when we change.



  • Only use powerful, positive reinforcement when speaking about your life and work.
  • Be very specific with the subconscious mind to get it to do the right job for you.
  • Ensure affirmations, thoughts and words are stated in the positive.
  • Speak to yourself with authority by replacing words like ‘Try’ with ‘Do’.  The subconscious mind doesn’t understand a word like ‘try’.  Issue it clear commands.
  • Striving for new patterns of positive habits that are beneficial for us will become the ‘new familiar’ if we give it time and commitment.
  • Harness your imagination to re-imagine pleasure and joyful experiences.
  • Use the power of positive ‘I AM’ statements.  Daily affirmations will beneficially reinforce your positive shifts in life.
  • Keep your positive affirmations in the present tense. Affirm in the Now, not in the future.
  • Reframe your perspective by finding the old limiting beliefs and changing them to new empowering beliefs.


The Clear to Grow® Your Business program harnesses the power your subconscious mind, your conscious mind and your higher mind - to bring the power of the Whole Mind™ into growing an aligned business on your terms. 

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