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Are you a LASER or SPOTLIGHT energy type?

activists burn out campaigners change makers coaches energy levels healers laser vs spotlight resistance to change therapists Jun 17, 2020

Are you a LASER or a SPOTLIGHT energetically?

We are all wired differently on an energetic level, and when defining your mission and purpose-driven work it is important that you factor in your energy type.


Some of us are more naturally wired to be LASERS — inner-focussed, intense energy in a narrow beam.

Empathic Lasers show up to transform a person from within, often with one issue or one strategy  very deeply.

Changing the world by inspiring individuals, leading them to transformation internally, which then leads to changed action and behaviour on an individual level.

Empathic Lasers often work as healers, therapists, coaches, and any form of creative problem-solvers who focus on shifting people internally.

They don’t always work 1 to 1, they can work in large groups too, but the transformation they encourage is based on internal change and shifts and often focussed deeply in one particular area.


Some of us are wired as SPOTLIGHTS — surface or outer-focussed, powerful energy in a wide beam.

Empathic Spotlights show up to transform communities and structures around us. Often changing the world through campaigning, educating, product innovation, speaking from platforms to inspire individuals to change their environment, to change the systems and structures we collectively operate within.

These people are energetically wired to sustain energy over a wide-focus, they can move and entrain within groups to bring about mass external change and shifts.  This energy is all about shedding light on lots of areas to bring clarity and knowledge, but not penetrating deeply with them all.

Where can this go wrong?

If you are a mission-focussed empath and a problem appears in front of you that needs fixing, you can be tempted to switch your energy focus — BUT when you go against your natural-gifted energy state — it can lead to problems.


If you are a LASER and you switch your attention and work to campaigning, activism or environmental/ systems problem-solving and strive to use your penetrating inner-focussed energy on lots of external issues in the world — that focussed energy on a wider scale ‘burns you out’ in a matter of days and weeks.

This can shut you down and can lead to internal imbalances, sometimes even manifesting as illness.

Remember you are a Laser — you are energetically wired to help people ‘internally’. You can still participate in outer structural and environmental changes that need to take place — but you have to tackle it in a ‘Laser way’.  One issue or strategy at a deep level, working with people who want to reflect internally about it.

Focusing on creating change within individuals, through inspiring a transformation in their emotions, thoughts and beliefs — which in turn leads to changed behaviour.

If you try to widen that Laser energy beam to become a Spotlight— you will not be able to sustain those energy-levels for long without burn-out.  Also, people are often not prepared for deep inner shifts in a large group setting, especially if their expectations have not been framed to do so, it can also make people put up inner-barriers to your work.


Conversely, if you are a SPOTLIGHT and you strive to help transform an individual’s internal emotions, thoughts and beliefs to attempt to change behaviour — they can feel blinded by your wide beam of energy on a surface level and will often put up resistance or actively push against you.  If you push to penetrate deeper with that spotlight in many areas simultaneously, you can overwhelm a client or even set off a myriad of triggers within them.

You are wired to shed a Spotlight on wider issues, to work on the surface level with an individual to inspire new patterns or habits or knowledge or to create communities to encourage change.

On an individual 1 to 1 basis your approach might be not deep enough for inner transformation of single issues, but still intense and perhaps triggering if you attempt to be laser-focussed with your natural wider scope, and the resistance you receive might erode your sense of progress and being heard in the world.

Keep shining your light on wider issues and patterns, get out there in the world and keep showing your audience what they need to see.  Never underestimate the power of knowledge and ‘planting seeds’ of ideas.


For example I’m a LASER, but when I get distracted and pulled in by ‘SPOTLIGHT’ issues — I hit a mini-burn-out and need to recover, and I can ‘fry’ people with my natural inner focus on surface issues.

I also know ‘SPOTLIGHT’ types who try to go deep on lots of different issues and don’t get the impact they were hoping for because they gave ‘laser’ expectations to their audience.


Both energy types are important - SPOTLIGHTS attract in bring in many people to introduce them to concepts - they plant the seeds of ideas and new information - they are then able to hand over to LASERS to go deeper if required.  SPOTLIGHTS are amazing generators of many new ideas and often creative power houses.


LASERS are often specialists in their field and go in very deeply with a narrow focus.  They work well in collaboration with SPOTLIGHTS who are great at introducing new concepts to people but take the work to the next level inwards.


Oprah is a great example of a Spotlight.  She connects lots of individuals and learnings with a common overall theme and brings a taste of all of these to many people.  Creating impact and giving people choice with where to go deeper - connecting people with the steps to then go deeper - just not with her.


Eckhart Tolle is a great example of a Laser.  He is focussed intensely and deeply on one area of transformation and goes deeper and deeper into his field of expertise.


Many of us know about Eckhart Tolle from Oprah.  Watching Oprah gives us ‘aha’ moments and leads us to new areas of interest, Oprah fans are committed to her - know, like and trust her.

But the inner transformations are from going in deeper with people like Eckhart, who also has his fans who know, like and trust him too.  Both are successful.  But Oprah couldn’t do what Eckhart does as well as he does and vice versa.  They are both working well with their energy type and helping and serving each other in the process.


Which type do you identify with and how can you define this within your work and how you show up in life? 



p.s we go deeper into this in the Clear to Grow your Purpose programme


©Kate Tolson - First published June 17th 2020