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Your creative business is a fire

creativity fire element Jan 06, 2021
Creative Fire

A channelled energy message on creating your own spark and growing your own fire of creativity.   


"Your creative business is a fire.

You are energetically connected to any fire which you have started.  You have birthed it.  You can watch intuitively how it is developing, control the fire and keep it under your command.  You can fuel it and you can choose how big or small to keep it.


Each creative fire has its creator's energy, their will and their direction.


If you take some fire from someone else’s creation to start your fire. That part of your fire will hold their energy, their will and their direction.

It's going to be very difficult for you to control and be the master of that part of your fire.


Because - It's one thing watching another, learning from them how to light a good fire.

Watching how they create the spark, watching how they construct, collect and pile the timber and the kindling. 

Learning how to do that for yourself by watching another and then doing for yourself.

It's quite another thing entirely to take a burning log from someone else's fire to place it in your own to accelerate your fire.

Because an energetic principle of fire, that the ancestors knew, is that each fire has an energetic master.

Fire is sentient and it is connected and energetically entwined with the one who struck its first spark.


So if you take another's burning log to start your fire, to get yourself ahead, a large part of your fire is under the command of another 'master' energetically. 

And this is why copying someone else's work may get you ahead in the short term, but ultimately you are at the mercy of how that other person is energetically directing their fire.

So gather your own kindling, your own wood - and by all means, learn from another how to start a fire, but always START your own fire.


Once we have started our fire - we often take a log from another fire to accelerate our own.  Most of us do this creatively through paid training.  This is a fair exchange, however, part of your fire will still be under the energetic command of another - albeit with a fair exchange - often beneficently. 

You can both burn stronger and brighter through this fair exchange.  Which is fine, you have taken it with permission - but you need to know that energetically that part of your fire - still responds to the original ‘sparker’.


Now if you've taken another’s burning log without permission, the master of that fire would have the power to consume your fuel/ your creative chi without you necessarily even realising what is happening. You may find yourself blocked, or even find yourself drained of energy, or meeting illness unexpectedly because someone else is the master of part of your fire.

Never take another's fire without permission.

Please bear in mind, if you're taking burning logs from another, you also do not know if it is a fire that they sparked themselves or if they have taken that log from someone else too. 


And there are some, who are generously lighting large fires and knowing that there will be embers flying from that large fire, and knowing and intending for embers to land and help others to spark their own creative fires.

Fuelling large fires with intention, openly allowing, so that others may use those embers of ‘deliberate inspiration’.


And this is how it is.

And this essentially is how knowledge spreads.

But to retain energetic sovereignty of your creativity and creations you can warm yourself on someone else’s fire, you may watch and learn and glean how another guides and masters their fire - how they fuel it so you can be inspired by them - but don’t just take fire - always create something new for your own fire.

And you must never take the whole of someone else's fire to warm yourself and leave them with just embers - that is a disaster for them but also for you - because they are then in full control of your creative chi and they can take it back from you.

With their breath."



©Energy Gardener 2021

Photo by Hannah Troupe on Unsplash