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The Remothering Masterclass 2022


From foundational wounds to wider purpose, exploring the four levels of mind (unconscious, subconscious, conscious and superconscious) and how they interact with a challenging mothering experience.

In 2022, I was invited to talk alongside some outstanding speakers at the Remothering Masterclass, a five-week online event. The programme delivered wonderful insights, skills, and strategies from a diverse range of internationally recognised speakers, all with the goal of supporting those of us on the vital journey of healing the Mother Wound.

Is it just my family and me?

Not all of us have a good, stable, loving, and caring relationship with our mothers, and new data indicates that estrangement affects at least one in every five British families, while in the United States, 10% of mothers are currently estranged from at least one adult child. Another survey discovered that more than 40% of participants had experienced familial estrangement at some point in their lives, making it as prevalent as divorce!

Nonetheless, society continues to make us believe that something is wrong if our family dynamics aren't "intact."  

I understand how tough it is to carry deep foundational wounds from difficult parent-child interactions, both personally and professionally.  A good majority of people I work with who are battling with a problem in their lives today, who are feeling stuck, have a parent wound, and in highly sensitives it is more typically the mother wound than the father wound.



The four levels of mind.

In my Masterclass with Simona below, I discuss Evolving Your Perspective on your mother experience (which also applies to anything painful you may be holding onto from the past). We discuss the four levels of mind and how early relational trauma might limit our perspective on who we believe we are and what we believe life has in store for us in the future.
I also discuss how we can begin to consciously broaden and grow that perspective in order to build the life we want to live.

By Evolving our Perspective (working through each level of the mind - unconscious/ subconscious/ conscious and superconscious mind), we can begin to repair our own foundations and build something that will be strong and nurturing for us, but also introduce a wider scope that may not be realised at first; transformation, purpose, and legacy.

I hope you enjoy this talk and it broadens understanding into how we go about opening up those avenues that have felt closed to us in the past......and of course, in my whole-mind approach, we work with all levels of our perspective to begin dialling down the fear-based responses that hold us back today, and to begin making new intentions for our lives.

The Workbook

The accompanying Workbook to this talk will help you delve deeper into some of the topics covered in the Remothering Masterclass, as well as introduce you to elements of my Evolve Your Perspective® approach.
In the workbook, I provide some questions to consider in order to begin dialogue with your unconscious and subconscious mind and understand what is coming up for you to look at and transform in those parts of your mental, emotional, and energetic system today.

I hope you find these exercises useful in helping you feel into and start experiencing the journey of Evolving your Perspective. The self-exploration in this exercise is aimed at sparking curiosity, establishing self-awareness, and providing clarity about your mothering journey.

To download the workbook, follow this link.

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