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You are ready to make the change.


You know it's the right time to develop that idea that won't leave you alone, to create and launch your soul-led work far and wide.


No more holding back, no more playing small, it's time to CLEAR what blocks you, so that you can GROW your business.


It's time to CLEAR:


✔️Imposter Syndrome

✔️Playing it Safe

✔️Procrastination and Perfectionism

✔️Launching Resistance

✔️Visibility Fears

✔️Pricing blocks

✔️Feeling not enough

In 2003 at the age of 25.  I left my successful job at a FTSE100 and started the first of my seven businesses.  All were successful (some were side-pivots), but honestly I never felt truly satisfied in any of them.  Money came easily enough, I could often do the work with my eyes closed - but I never felt satisfied.  It wasn't my soul's-work. 
When I did bump up to my soul's work, what felt like my 'purpose' I knew in every cell of my body - this is what I was BORN to do.  But something extraordinary happened that had not happened to me before in over a decade of business ownership - I FROZE.  Seemingly every single one of my insecurities emerged one by one, I was getting so many ideas but when I tried to move on them - I felt completely BLOCKED.  ALL of my inner STUFF came up.
I knew what to do - I knew how to do it, but I just felt like all the energy inside me was resistant.  Sabotages were popping up constantly which made me doubt myself repeatedly.  I had never had these issues when starting a business or project, EVER.  
Throughout this journey (which felt like the Greek Myths Hero's Journey at times!) I realised that something very different happens when you begin work on your soul's work - and when you step into purposeful work - a set of very specific blocks appear for you to overcome.
You are suddenly challenged to overcome all of the programming that closed down your innate gifts as a child - subconscious blocks that now make you feel an IMPOSTER, feel UNSAFE, to OVERWHELM you with SELF-DOUBT, PROCRASTINATION and DISTRACTION, and block you from charging YOUR WORTH.
Working through and eliminating these creative-process blocks in myself was so rewarding and freeing, it has empowered me to take true soul-led work to the next level. 
The World needs creatives, healers, change-makers and coaches like you to eliminate your creative blocks so you can release your gifts far and wide out into the World. 
The World needs you, and it needs you NOW.
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This course is not only an investment to get you moving forward NOW, but again and again in your future.
We encounter many of these blocks in different forms every time we launch something new.  But this course offers you a unique way to work methodically through your energy blocks, chakra by chakra, supported by an Energy (Reiki) Master.  Whilst simultaneously working through the mindset roots that lie beneath each of these blocks. 
This powerful training gives you the key tools to work through any Creative/ Launch Block.  Kate's grounded and process-led practical step-by-step guidance and energetic support will get you to where you want to be, fast. 
If you do the work, this course will pay for itself many times over, not only in your personal empowerment, embodiment of your natural GIFTS and sense of SELF, but your expanded energy and presence in the World which will magnetise ABUNDANCE and opportunities to GROW.
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  • You have an idea to pivot your soul-led business in a new direction to help others in these challenging times.
  • You are yearning to develop your idea but you aren’t confident in your ability to distinguish yourself in your marketplace.
  • You would like to give your passion a go but can’t seem to get fully going with it.
  • You feel like an imposter in your market, comparing yourself to others which shuts you down.
  • You are struggling to find your unique approach in your work, meaning you are struggling to promote yourself in the way you want.
  • Stuck in perfectionism which affects your ability to maintain momentum.
  • Easily distracted away from your project back to what is known and safe.
  • Struggling to price yourself appropriately, inclined to discount too easily, struggling to make a sustainable income.
  • You struggle with being seen as authentically you, feeling you have to appear a certain way in your work.
  • You have a deep desire to be a change-maker to help others, but you feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to move forward.
  • You are ready to be visible in your work, to take bigger steps but your feel resistance within to doing this.
  • You are ready to step into freedom and independence through your soul-led work.
  • You need confidence to market your work, and become bullet-proof to criticism.
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